Orlando, FL — March 24, 2016 - High heels are the types of foot wear that many women cannot live without. However, unfortunately, using this type of shoe can result in various foot problems. Women often experience discomfort or major foot pain.

Experts reveal the high heel hangover tips and tricks for women. High heel hangover refers to the foot pain the day after wearing high heels. Similar to other types of hangovers, women may take some pain medications and rest until the pain goes away.

If they can’t do it, there are remedies they can resort to. These remedies are believed to be helpful for reducing pain and discomfort. They need to remember that the skinnier the stiletto or the higher the heel, the worse the high heel hangover is.

Like other 'hangovers', you can take some pain meds and stay in bed all day in hopes that the pain goes away. However, the purpose of this blog is to provide key remedies to get your feet feeling better fast, and to have readers share their experiences and treatments that may have specifically helped them.

One of the best remedies for high heel hangover is stretching, yoga, and foot exercises. High heels often cause tightening in the calf muscle and Achilles tendon. Yoga postures such as the Downward-facing dog and Virasana-Hero pose are two methods that are believed to be helpful for high heel hangovers.

Experts also recommend that sufferers soak their feet in a mineral foot bath. Epsom salt is believed to help soothe sore body parts such as the feet. Minerals such as magnesium can help build and repair tissues. Warm water, on the other hand, can dilate the blood vessels and open the skin's pores.

Other remedies include deep massage as it helps ease pain from musculoskeletal injury. Deep massage is also thought to alleviate anxiety, improve the flow of the blood, and alleviate lymphatic edema.

Experts also recommend that women find time to rest their feet after wearing high heels.  They can do this by simply wearing sneakers.

Women with high heel hangovers should also pamper their feet; one option is having a pedicure. It may also help to keep on moisturizing the feet, especially around the rough areas. Thick focal calluses can be quite painful, and women should learn how to get rid of them.

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