Orlando, FL — March 18, 2016 - Foot problems are among the most common complications of diabetes. Individuals with this condition should see to it that they know what these complications are and how their health and lives could be affected by them.

Experts reveal the foot complications diabetics should be warned about. These complications are foot problems that may start as ordinary but end up becoming serious. There are several foot problems associated with diabetes such as neuropathy, skin changes, foot ulcers, amputations, poor circulation, and calluses.

Neuropathy takes place when there is nerve damage. This causes pain, tingling, or weakness in the foot. Diabetic nerve damage can reduce one’s ability to feel heat, cold, or pain, and thus, sufferers may not feel the occurrence of a foot injury.

There are other complications such as changes in the skin of the foot. It can make the feet extremely dry to the point that it could peel and crack. This takes place when the nerves that regulate moisture and oil on the foot no longer work.

Foot ulcers may also develop due to wearing poorly fitted shoes. Diabetes sufferers should not neglect ulcers as they can turn to infections, and in severe cases, can lead to loss of a limb. When an ulcer is left untreated and the circulation is poor, it is best to see a vascular surgeon.
Experts also reveal that poor circulation can reduce the ability of the foot to combat infection and heal at the same time. It is extremely important for diabetics to stop smoking as it speeds up the hardening of their arteries.

Complications may also lead to amputation. This often happens to diabetic individuals with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which decreases blood flow to the feet. There are also diabetics who have nerve disease, and this reduces sensation.

Calluses are the most common complications suffered by individuals with diabetes. Calluses are believed to develop due to the high pressure that areas in the foot are exposed to. Calluses may get too thick and eventually, break down.

They can even turn into open sores or ulcers. It is imperative that sufferers are able to address their callus problems safely. They should avoid using blades that can increase their risk of injuries.
There are chemical agents that diabetics should also avoid as these chemical can burn their skin. The most popular solution for calluses is an electronic callus remover. This product efficiently and safely eliminates callus from feet. The most popular electronic callus remover is from Naressa, which can be bought at amazon.com (http://amazon.com/Electric-Callus-Remover-Naressa-Electronic/dp/B015GJDW18).

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