Manchester, NH — June 03, 2016 — Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes nowadays. There are those who greatly suffer from the consequences of being a victim of the crime. There are measures people can resort to in increasing their protection against thieves.

Experts reveal the credit card safety tips that consumers should keep in mind. Credit cards are widely used for numerous types of financial transactions such as online shopping or purchases at stores.

According to experts, there are email messages distributed by thieves to collect information such as credit card details. Consumers need to be wary about these emails, and delete it. They should refrain from responding to such emails regardless of how official they appear to be.

When purchasing at stores and presenting a credit card, consumers should make sure that they are not charged with the purchase twice. There are credit card schemes that involve businesses or the employees of establishments.
There have been quite a number of cases where merchants use a small machine to steal all the information from the credit card. With the stolen information, they are able to make another credit card and use it for fraudulent purposes.

It is similarly important that consumers avoid entering their credit card number into an unsecured website. Before even inputting the credit card information, they should check if the url has “https” than “http.” The browser should also display the secure lock, which is typically located at the bottom right corner of the browser.

Upon receiving the credit card, owners should sign the back of it. Losing an unsigned credit card can increase one’s risk of fraud. When the credit card is found by others, they can sign and use it on the behalf of the owner.

Credit card companies often obtain the name as well as other contact details of consumers from cell phone companies, airlines, and other sources. They then use the information to send some unsolicited application forms. Consumers should destroy these forms and use a shredder if they have it.

Another credit card safety tip is to avoid writing the PIN on the credit card or in the wallet. Consumers may also use a set of RFID blocking sleeves that are designed to protect credit cards from thieves.

These sleeves fight crooks by blocking the skimming devices used by thieves to steal information from credit cards. Consumers can travel, dine out, and go to airports without the hassles of thinking about their cards with the use of these sleeves.

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