Manchester, NH — March 14, 2016 — Identity theft is a crime that can affect any one and anytime. Victims can get robbed without knowing when and who the perpetrators are. The good news is that there are measures consumers can take to increase their protection against the crime.

Experts reveal the secrets in preventing identity theft at home and while traveling. Doing these preventive measures can save consumers from financial distress as well as the undesirable consequences of becoming an identity theft victim.

This type of crime doesn’t end when the victim suffers from financial loss. Victims often undergo a long process in clearing their names and other laborious aftermath of the crime.

According to experts, consumers should start adopting a new approach to their personal data. This should be a “need to know” approach that involves added protection for personal files.

For instance, the credit card company should know about the mother’s maiden name of the consumer. This can help companies verify the identity of consumers when they call to inquire about their account.

It is also recommended that people should not entertain callers who ask for their personal information such as their credit card number or Social Security number, regardless of how enticing the offer is.

When traveling, it is imperative that consumers as the post office, a family member, or friend to hold the mail while they are away. When calling someone via the telephone to pass on personal financial information, they should ensure that they don’t do it in the open.

Individuals who become victims of identity theft should act immediately to minimize the damage to financial accounts and personal funds. Acting immediately could also save their reputation.

There are private and government organizations that can provide information about a variety of aspects of identity theft and fraud. These organizations can provide details about how identity theft can occur, what people can do about it, and how they can safeguard their privacy.

Nowadays, thieves use skimmers, which are tools that can easily read information from credit cards. These tools are widely available in the market, and they are affordable too. Anyone including those who have no criminal experience can use these tools and victimize others.

There are many preventive measures that could protect consumers from these identity thieves. There are products such as the set of RFID blocking sleeves that are designed to protect consumers from identity thieves.
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