Wilmington, DE — June 03, 2016 — Duct tapes are one of the most useful office and household supplies. It is so useful that it can also be used by individuals who have calluses.

Experts reveal the secrets in preventing and removing foot calluses using a duct tape. Calluses are layers of the skin that gradually thickens. They are typically found in the hands and feet as well as in skin areas that are exposed to pressure and friction.

While calluses are generally harmless, they can be unsightly. They can also become uncomfortable or painful when they start to harden. Hardened calluses tend to break the skin apart or develop ulcerations, which can lead to infections.

The good news is that there are several ways to prevent and even treat calluses. First, it is important to identify what is exactly causing the callus. There are certain risk factors such as wearing ill-fitting shoes, abnormalities in walking patterns, obesity, and having flat feet.

Using duct tape is one of the popular methods of reducing the risk of calluses. This is especially true to individuals who already have calluses and want to avoid further formations. The duct tape must be placed over the affected area to reduce friction.

It is imperative to keep the feet cleaned as it allows the tape to stick to the skin. There are also shoe inserts that are extremely helpful for individuals with underlying foot deformity such as very high arches or flat feet.

There are other remedies such as soaking the feet in the water. This can help soften calluses and make them easy to eliminate. It can also be useful to use moisturizer to keep the feet soft.

Individuals with calluses are advised to avoid using very sharp objects such as a razor blade or knife. These tools can place them at a high risk of injury and infection. It is also important to note that calluses could be a symptom of an underlying condition such as diabetes.

According to CNN health website, it can be helpful for women to avoid wearing high heels. Calluses can be easy to remove with the use of certain products such as the electric callus remover from Naressa.

Naressa’s electric callus remover is designed to safely buff foot calluses. This product is also easy to use and is widely believed to be extremely useful in making the feet soft, smooth, and beautiful. This callus remover can be purchased at amazon.com. (http://www.amazon.com/foot-scrubber-callous-removal/dp/B015GJDW18 ).

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