Wilmington, DE — May 10, 2016 — Heel cracks, otherwise known as fissures, develop when the heel skin thickens due to poor support of the heal and foot pressure. Cracks may also develop due to calluses that are left untreated. The good news is that there are measures people can resort to in dealing with these skin issues.

Experts reveal the prevention tip and treatments for painful heel cracks and calluses. There are factors that trigger cracks such as exposure to colder weather, which makes the skin drier and the sweat glands less active.
Unfortunately, when the skin layers become too thick, the crack is also more likely to go deeper. When the crack gets so deep, it tears down the tissue situated under the skin. This causes the fissure to become painful and more susceptible to bleeding.

Cracks become open wounds, which are vulnerable to infections. The base of the fissure can harbor bacteria, which spreads into the surrounding skin and eventually causes infection. Cracks do not just affect the heel, but also at the bottom of the feet where calluses typically develop.

According to experts, it is imperative to use a heavy moisturizer or an exfoliating cream to keep the skin of the foot and heel soft. Applying moisturizer is recommended several times a day to stop calluses from developing or becoming too thick.

People should also utilize the padding with a silicone gel material that is believed to reduce external pressure on the skin.

It is also recommended to flatten the crack to heal the wound. Individuals who suffer from mild fissures may sand the skin layers down. Calluses are often not painful when removed since they are made of dead skin tissues.
However, it is important to remember that when it cracks, there is potentially a wound at the base of the crack. Sufferers may need to trim the callus properly.

After sanding the crack down, sufferers may use a band —aid and antibiotic to avoid infection.
There are several ways to sand down calluses safely. There are nail salons that can provide an excellent foot pampering experience for callus removal. Individuals who want to have their callus removed may also use a pumice stone.

There are also electric callus removers available nowadays. This product is widely preferred by many individuals who want to safely and efficiently get rid of their calluses.

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