Wilmington, DE — May 18, 2016 — Plantar warts are usually found in the feet’s plantar surface. They are hard, small growths with white color and can be caused by a viral infection. Unfortunately, sufferers may need to deal with problems such as calluses other than plantar wart.

Experts reveal callus buildup prevention after removal of plantar wart. While these warts are typically not painful, they are highly sensitive to pressure. Individuals with plantar warts may also suffer from a lot of pain due to movements.

A minor surgical procedure is one of the solutions to get rid of the warts. The bad news is that even if they are surgically removed, the may reappear in the form of calluses.

Calluses are thickened layers of skin that forms due to friction or pressure. Wearing ill-fitting shoes is one of the causes of calluses. While calluses are usually not harmful, they can become unsightly and painful.

It is imperative to get rid of a callus, especially when it causes pain while walking. Experts recommend that people should choose shoes with a comfortable size. It should not be a pair that is too tight to wear.

It also recommended to keep the feet dry by wearing socks. This prevents the feet from rubbing against the chafe and shoe. Cotton socks are ideal since they provide breathing space to the feet as well as absorb moisture.

Getting a foot callus treatment from a salon may also be a good idea. There are spas and salons that specialize in providing the best foot pampering experience.

Salons offer services such as soaking the feet in a soapy water and scrubbing the calluses to remove them. There are also massage sessions, which are typically performed with the use of creams and lotions. A massage is extremely helpful in improving the blood flow to the feet.

There are many ways to deal with calluses. Those who suffer from these skin layers should see to it that they prevent callus from being thick enough to break. When thickened skin layers break, it can make the skin susceptible to infection.

To remove calluses, there are also products such as the electric callus remove from Naressa. Many individuals with callus prefer to use this product since it is not just safe, it is also effective to use.

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