Wilmington, DE — May 16, 2016 - Nowadays, fish pedicure is increasingly becoming popular in many areas around the world. It is considered as a relaxing foot care regimen for individuals who want a mild massage and have their callus removed. Unfortunately, there seems to be some drawbacks in having this type of foot treatment.

Experts release a warning for fish pedicure patrons. This unconventional beauty procedure works by using fish instead of pedicure tools. Many people patronize this procedure to have a softer and smooth skin, especially in the feet.
While fish pedicure has become an intriguing beauty trend, it has cause an alarm for some health officials. The warning is due to the little Garra Rufa fish.
Fish pedicure works by having the feet submerged into a tank filled with small specimens of fish called garra rufa. This type of fish feeds on dead skin tissue, and thus provides customers with feet that are free from unsightly dead tissue and calluses.
After the fish-involving procedure, consumers are then attended to by a pedicurist. Fish pedicure is not just an effective way to eliminate dead skin tissue and calluses but is also a relaxing foot treatment.

The entire procedure doesn’t hurt mainly because the fish are only feeding on the dead portion of the skin. The garra rufa is also a toothless fish, and thus, unable to cause harm during the treatment.
The bad news is that a number of health specialists agree on the dangers involved in fish pedicure. It is associated with dangerous foot infections due to the fact that the fish could potentially cause tiny nicks into the skin.

The nicks are then susceptible to fungus species and bacteria that could trigger the development of infections. Fish tanks have non-sanitized water, which is a popular haven of bacteria or fungi. This has led many state officials to exclude fish pedicures in the list of safe beauty treatments.
While fish pedicure has been a popular beauty treatment, it is not the only foot beauty treatment that customers can resort to. For individuals with calluses, they can have their extra skin layers removed by going to salons.
It may also take forever for the fish to eliminate calluses that have already become too thick. Thus, for the purpose of removing calluses, people may simply resort to salons or products such as the electric callus remover.

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