Orlando, FL — March 11, 2016 — Arthritis comes in varying forms but it typically produces joint inflammation. While conventional doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drugs for pain relief, these medications cause side effects.

Experts recommend the use of natural remedies over health-damaging pain killers. These medications do not address the possible root cause of the arthritis problem. What makes then even more disadvantageous is that they contain chemical toxins that can jeopardize human health.
“There are many natural remedies available that, according to studies, are highly beneficial for arthritis sufferers,” said Divine Bounty spokesperson, Melissa Scott.
Sufferers of gout, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis do not need to place their health and life at risk by using pain medications. There are pain relief drugs that have even been pulled out from the market due to the dangerous side effects they cause.

The pain relieving effects of these medications are only temporary, and this means that when sufferers experience pain, they need to take the pain relievers again. This increases their risk of a wide variety of conditions.

There are natural remedies such as having a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sufferers should consume organic food, especially vegetables, and engage in regular exercise. It is similarly important that they take natural alternatives such as glucosamine supplements.

Glucosamine is believed to be one of the most popular natural remedies for arthritis pain. As a matter of fact, it is a common ingredient of many of the world’s most useful herbal supplements. This natural alternative is believed to help maintain bone and joint health.

There are glucosamine supplements that contain methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). This can be obtained from plant sources and is also thought to be helpful against arthritis pain. Many arthritis sufferers even opt to use glucosamine with MSM.

Glucosamine supplements with MSM are extremely popular in the market today. This natural alternative is widely believed to be better than pain relief medications due to two reasons. One is that it is not associated with the side effects caused by pain relievers.

Glucosamine is also popular because it has the potential to address the possible root cause of arthritis. Since it could repair cartilage damage, it has the potential ability to provide lasting health benefits.

Today, more and more people are becoming knowledgeable about ailments and treatments. Consumers have become wise buyers, especially towards products that can negatively or positively affect their health.

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