Wilmington, DE — May 23, 2016 — Running is considered to be one of the healthy activities that people should engage in. While this fitness activity is easy to do and practice, there are some challenges involved in doing it. Calluses are one of the things that runners should protect themselves from to have a hassle-free running experience.

Experts highlight the preventive techniques in fighting calluses for runners. Calluses are thickened layers of the skin that develops due to friction or pressure. It is the body’s way to protect the skin from injury. Running is one of the activities that cause friction.

Individuals who make running a part of their daily or weekly routine are more susceptible to having skin in the feet that is dry, flaky, and harder. There are certain measures people can take to reduce their risk of developing calluses.

Calluses are typically harmless, and they can even serve as protective skin layers for the skin. However, when they get too thick or harden too much, they are more likely to break or crack. When this happens, it creates an open wound that is not just painful but also an entrance to bacteria.

According to experts, runners should wear shoes that are comfortable to wear and provide plenty of room for the feet. When choosing shoes, they may need to wiggle or see if their toes wiggle while wearing the footwear.

In addition to choosing the right shoes, it is similarly important to select the right socks. Polyester-cotton socks are recommended because they reduce moisture better. They also keep the feet from moving around too much and this can prevent calluses.

It is similarly important to place a barrier in between the area where the shoe rubs the skin. A bandage can be used inside the running shoes to protect the skin from friction.

Individuals with foot problems such as a hammertoe may see their doctor and ask for shoe inserts. Foot deformities increase one’s risk of developing calluses. There are actually shoe calluses that are helpful during running sessions.

There are also other preventive measures against calluses. Runners or health enthusiasts may seek the help of nail salons that provide foot treatment services. There are also home remedies they can resort to that can help them prevent or eliminate calluses.

Runners may use products such as the electric callus remover from Naressa. This product is designed to reduce callus in the feet. It is safe and easy to use as well as effective in reducing calluses (amazon.com/Electric-Callus-Remover-Naressa-Electronic/dp/B015GJDW18/ ).

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