Some e-cigs found safer than others according to ingredients.

UNITED KINGDOM — April 01, 2015 — Pure E Liquid, the premier British based e-juice distributor, is recommending toxicology reports by a leading medical journal for consumer review.  Research and development has been underway since 2012, and is now conclusive. A team of five medical researchers has studied e-cigs and found them to be safe.

Three Independent Agency Studies
Pure E Liquid, distributor of the V2 line of premium electronic cigarettes and e-juice vapor products, has pointed out the findings to its customers. Extensive studies conducted by researchers in clinical trials for the medical journal, Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine, discovered that the chemical composition of e-juice in many e-cigs posed no health risk. These findings were backed by an independent analysis by the FDA. In yet another study, Japanese researchers conducted a safety assessment of electronic cigarettes that included 32 smokers and found no abnormal changes in blood pressure, hematological data, or blood chemistry; and no severe adverse events after 4 weeks of regular use.

Not All E-cig Products the Same
Propylene Glycol has been deemed safe for human consumption. It is contained in asthma inhalers, along with many food products including popular baked goods.  However, other ingredients such as those found in higher nicotine juices, can present certain carcinogenic potential in high concentrations. Namely, TSNAs and Diethyleneglycol were mentioned as compounds which should be closely regulated in amount. TSNAs, or tobacco-specific nitrosamines, are naturally occurring substances found in natural nicotine sources such as the raw tobacco in cigarettes, snuff, and chew. However, their toxicity can be controlled in e-juice by including only the amount of nicotine that should be naturally absorbed by the body. Some e-juice manufacturers put more nicotine in their juices than the brain can process per dose, therefore increasing the amount of unnecessary, unhealthy TSNA by-products. Along with those bad elements come compounds called carbonyls, which include chemicals such as formaldehyde. E-cig opponents often hype this up as using “embalming fluid” in e-cigs, which is a far stretch of the truth. Pure E Liquids has gone above and beyond in producing high-quality e-juice with negligible amounts of the known risky components. “We put in all that is good about e-juice, and leave out the bad.” Says the Pure E Liquid spokesman. “Our customers can rest assured that they are getting the safest and most enjoyable vapor on the market. It’s all at”

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