Frank Ellis, a tax preparation planner based in Traverse City, Michigan, has published an article at that explains how tools from H&R Block can be used to calculate tax refunds. These can be estimated in advance by inputting pay stub amounts. A number of online resources are available for this purpose, and the article goes on to explain what the H&R Block tax refund calculator is and how one can quickly obtain a refund estimate.

A link to the online tool is provided. The author goes on to explain the information a taxpayer has to enter. Paystub details, federal withholdings estimates, and social security details are just a few. Additional amounts can be included in the calculator. It also asks if the user takes standard deductions or itemizes them, says Ellis, who also suggests using the standard deduction which can be itemized later on.

There are a few spaces that can be left blank if the information is the same as the year before. Tax benefits such as tuition credits can be entered as well. The estimated refund is provided once all the details are entered. It can help in planning, according to the author, or one can take additional actions before years’ end to find tax benefits and savings.

Ellis also provides a link to the H&R Block discount coupon so readers can spend even less on the company’s services, in addition to getting a maximum tax refund. The company also selects the right forms needed to file. Another benefit mentioned in the article is the ability to import W-2 forms directly from employers.

To learn more about the H&R Block tax refund calculator and other tools and services available from the company for tax season, go to

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