Elmhurst, IL - Clients are getting older. It’s a demographic fact. Over the next decade boomers will retire from the workforce and enter into the next phase of their lives.

At the same time, the children of boomers are dealing with their own kid’s returning home and needing support well into adulthood.
On September 25th, Elder Law Attorney/CPA Ben Neiburger will present two 30 minute webinars outlining a 10 point action plan to help professionals position their businesses make money and build customer loyalty by helping clients in crisis.

“The reality is that no matter however active, healthy and young-at-heart individual boomers are today each one of them will eventually feel the impacts of aging,” says Neiburger.

“So the question becomes: who is there to protect them and look out for their interests as they become more vulnerable?”

For Healthcare Providers/Long Term Care Facilities/Assisted Living Facilities

The first 30 minute webinar at 10am CT is specifically for healthcare and long term care professionals.  Using industry specific examples, Ben will review current business practices and provide a 10 point plan to help you position yourself to grow over the next 10 to 15 years.

For Attorneys, CPAs and Financial Advisors

This program is for CPAs and attorneys who recognize the shifting demographics of baby boomers. Ben will take participants through new ways to change their business strategy so that they can profit from this new paradigm over the next decade. This webinar will begin at 11am CT.

Both webinars are available to join for free here. http://speakingofboomers.com/webinars/

Bonus: Each attendee will also receive Ben’s free ebook. Caregiver Storm: How to Make Money While Building Customer Loyalty By Helping Clients in Crisis.

About the Presenter
Ben Neiburger is an Illinois-based Elder Law attorney and Certified Public Accountant. Ben speaks to legal, healthcare and financial planning professionals about managing our country's growing elder population and the effect this will have on the bottom line performance of every company. www.speakingofboomers.com

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Aidan Crawford
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