Located in London, successful businessman and sales expert James Gillingham is now offering investment, business development, financial modeling and sales consulting services for small companies who are focused on and committed to growth and development.

December 20, 2016 —  With an extensive track record of surpassing multi-million dollar sales targets, exceptional problem solving skills, and excellent communication within companies and to markets, Gillingham is a renowned consultant in the industry who is dedicated to helping companies exceed sales targets and grow their business.  He understands what is necessary to assure success, and partners with clients to put an effective and actionable plan in place to maximize results.  In working with every client, Gillingham drives the creation of a sound and structured business strategy that solves problems, addresses contingencies, and produces measurable results.

His background is an impressive record of successes.  For example, serving as Managing Director at Jagerfox, Gillingham created new low-latency algorithms and improved CRM integration to maximize lead generation and drive sales to new heights, increasing revenue by more than 33%.  As a Senior Analyst at IAM LLC, a major USD AUM funds provider, he grew the company’s customer base dramatically, by as much at 40% in critical target countries and key emerging markets.

Jim Gillingham’s demonstrated expertise in creating and executing effective business strategies can help any business improve efficiencies, launch new products, enter new markets, or more effectively compete in their current markets.  Gillingham is a valued resource that offers a new set of insights and creative thinking on most every aspect of business, marketing, sales, and financial processes, empowering businesses to exceed their goals.

About James Gillingham
James Gillingham is a highly respected and reliable business development and consultative sales expert.  With a range of experience at companies including Choice Invest, Jagerfox, and FX World, Gillingham offers over a decade of experience as a dynamic executive, giving him a broad perspective and impressive track record of results.

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James Gillingham
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