12 December, 2013: A number of wedding dress designers similar to Tatiana Porembova have claimed on record recently that pregnant or expectant brides do not need specially-made dresses, and can look beautiful in a standard wedding gown.

The wedding dress designers spoke out in defence of the increasing number of expectant brides coming into bridal stores looking for ‘maternity’ cuts. It may seem unfortunate that most of the main designer chains do not stock specific maternity designs, but according to most of the dressmakers interviewed by RTV6 for their piece, this is a conscious choice.

A designer from a major wedding gown chain, for instance, has defended that the reason her company does not carry a section catering for expectant brides is because they are perfectly able to look stunning inside a standard wedding dress that has only had minimal alterations. The dresses designed by Tatiana Porembova, for example, can all be tweaked to accommodate a pregnant shape.

According to the experts, it is all a question of knowing what dress shape and silhouette to choose, as some noticeably compliment a pregnant bride. A princess gown with a high waist, for example, will make the bride look stunning while accommodating her growing belly, whilst a fuller skirt will allow for any additional growth in the period between the dress order being put in and the wedding taking place. Similarly, a dress with an illusion back can provide added comfort due to its lightweight fabrics and added thicker straps, and yet still look stunning.

Another way of going about having a wedding when you are pregnant or expecting, according to the designers interviewed, is to have alterations made to a pre-existing dress. This is a fairly easy process, but brides who opt for having a dress altered rather than specially made must be prepared for additional fittings taking place right up until the day of the wedding. This is to account for the physical changes brought about by pregnancy.

The number of pregnant brides shopping for wedding dresses has increased in recent years as the social customs and norms in western society continue to change.

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