11, February 2015: Spring Breaks On Exmoor 2015 have been announced by the Exmoor White Horse Inn just as the first signs of spring are expected to arrive soon. Visitors will have the chance to relax among the daffodils, bluebells, and wild garlic and the greenery that rapidly transforms the natural landscape. Skylarks, cuckoos, and the Exmoor Pony are within reach out on the open moorland. 

The first deal available is the Dinner Bed & Breakfast Offer. Customers can book a three night stay, with two nights free. That is five nights for £420 per person. Another option is to book two nights and receive one extra night at no cost, for three nights at £280 per person. 

Another is the Bed & Breakfast Offer. Guests can book three nights on this offer and get two extra nights at no additional charge. That is available for £270/person. A two night stay can be booked and guests will receive a free extra night — three nights for £180 per person. 

Both offers are based on accommodation for two people and are featured in a Classic Double Bedded Room. 

Exmoor White Horse Inn is situated among the river and national park of the same name. It extends various seasonal, holiday, and family offers throughout the year while accommodating special occasions such as weddings and business meetings. In addition to the surrounding natural attractions, the hotel offers dining opportunities and a bar. 

More information about the hotel and the Spring Break 2015 Dinner Bed & Breakfast and Bed & Breakfast offers is provided online at http://www.exmoor-whitehorse.co.uk/special-offers/109/spring-breaks