13 December, 2013: A recent showcase of 3D printed artwork has helped highlight 3Design Center’s field of expertise, as well as display all its potential to the general public. 

Held at the London Business Design Centre in late November, and appropriately dubbed 3D Printshow 2013, the showcase consisted of 3D-printed works of art by artists from all over the world. The works on offer ranged from the traditional to the more outlandish, and really showed why 3D printing and design is being lauded as the ‘next big thing’ in electronics and technology. 

Among the artists displaying at this expo were Joshua Harker, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Jim Stanis and Nick Ervinck, many of them ‘traditional’ sculptors who fully embraced the potential of this new technology. Stanis, for instance, has been working with 3D printing for two years and had no qualms promoting it as the natural successor of photography, cinema and animation for the new millennium. Other artists on show were just as excited about 3Design Center’s field of specialisation, enthusing about the medium’s versatility when used for artistic purposes. 

This is the second edition of the Printshow after the inaugural instalment achieved moderate success in 2012. The organisation was excited to see the number of artists interested in displaying more than double the pieces they exhibited last year, and consider this trend reflects a growing interest in the medium of 3D design and printing. 

Nor is the Printshow the only exhibit to focus on this new technology. In 2011, the Victoria & Albert Museum, also in London, had already held a display of 3D printed artwork in a show dubbed The Power Of Making. 

3D Design has been repeatedly lauded as the next wave forward in the world of technology and has slowly but steadily been permeating the mainstream, with fields such as fashion, medicine and nanotechnology benefitting from what the medium has to offer. 

About 3DesignCenter: 

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