December 31st, 2013: 

AskLink.Com is a new free public service site which is allowing its members to buy/exchange banners & quality backlinks. 

What makes it different from other similar platforms? 

It’s a banner advertising platform where the members can specify the language, topic, Page Rank and other aspects of backlinks and, at the same time, reject any of the links which they don’t want. The users here can easily advertise their website and target the right audience with their ads. Besides, it’s a fully transparent platform where there is no middle man! 

Is it Really Free to Use? 

Yes, it is in fact free to use! However, the links or banners exchange can either be free or paid which depends upon the traffic, rank & quality of the website. It is up to the users which option they are willing to go for. Those individuals who don’t like the idea of links or banners being displayed on their site can select the premium option. 

Why Choose AskLink? 

- This is a place where buyers & sellers can directly contact each other. There’s no middle man.
- Each account is moderated by a human and the users can negotiate via a conventional offer/counter-offer system.
- The buyer knows exactly what he’s buying and how much he will pay.
- It’s a completely free platform with no hidden charges & markups.

About AskLink.Com is a new venture of CHECKPAGERANK.NET, which is a highly reputed site and for the past eight years has maintained its supremacy in search engine optimization along with analysis of domain names & websites. The real concept behind AskLink is to provide online customers a platform where they can find new partners for links or banner exchanges for their websites. Besides, those buyers who are searching for quality links or banner ads simply visit AskLink to search for the sites which fit their marketing objectives. After which, they contact or notify the seller and complete the formalities. That’s it!