Today, modern people actively use e-currencies. Indeed, it is very convenient to perform various transactions, buy goods and services without using your credit cards. These days, there are plenty of e-payment systems that you can use without leaving comfort of your home. Yet, it might be somewhat difficult to exchange one currency into another. Luckily, threre are web based e-currency exchange sites and services. In fact, you will need just a few minutes to exchange PayPal into Liberty Reserve for example. If you want to make sure you use reliable services, welcome to

Wm-center is an exchanger established in 2005. Since that time the company has opened numerous branches in various parts of the world. Wm-center has but one goal in its business - satisfied customers. That is why the fees are low and customer support service is always friendly and professional. Services of the company include:

exchange of e-currencies. For example, if you have PayPal money but need to exchange it into liberty reserve or webmoney, you can do that at Rates are moderate, as already said above. Moreover, you can refill your e-currency accounts though such transfers as Anelik, MiGom, Wire Transfers, Cash Deposits, Contact, Money Gram, WU and UniStream. It is possible to send money using these payment systems without leaving comfort of your home. So, your e-payment account will be refilled within a very short time.

wire tranfers. Many webmasters face problems with receiving affiliate payments for participation in various traffic and link exchange programs. So, they never start participation. With Wm-center this problem is solved. The company will receive wire transfers or other payment types and exchange them into a suitable e-currency. It happens almost instantly. Besides, you can get money on your credit card of choice.

wholesale exchanges. Sometimes, it is imperative to exchange a big sum of e-currency, so you need to go with a reliable provider. Bear in mind that wholesale prices are much lower, so you will economize by exchanging huge amounts. This offer is attractive for companies that operate in a currency exchange business.

Unlike dozens of small exchangers that do not even have head offices, wm-center has representatives in many parts of the world, as well as account in major European, American and Asian banks. This is a sign of trust and reliability.

At the company website you can make yourself familiar with the rates and services. There is customer support which you can contact if you have questions or comments. Bear in mind that wm-center has concluded partnership agreements with many WU agents worldwide, which means transferring e-currencies into real cash within 30 minutes. You can also have a look at the list of partners at the site.

About the company: is an exchanger that deals with most known types of e-currencies. Low rates and professional customer support -