12 December, 2013: What is the common trait of cycling, tennis, badminton and golf? They are skills, skills that you can pick up, learn and master. Just like any other skills in this world, they can be learned! Do you also know that making money online is also a skill? Today I’m going to share with you how to pick up this skill and avoid the number one pitfall and mistake that beginners make while trying to make money online

As we all know, there are tons and tons of products out there on the internet. A lot of people will discover a seemingly great product online and starts to think that they will be able to make copious amounts of money just by simply promoting it online. You would think that their dreams of swimming in cash will materialize almost overnight, but they would discover that in the end it is not as easy as it seems. 

Why is that? It is because most people do not know how to actually promote a product. This is the biggest and most evident mistake that each and every beginner marketer make. Now I want to tell you to forget what you want to sell and focus on a little secret that all successful marketers are trying to keep. 

Let me ask you a question. Do you know how the majority of experienced marketers out there make regular money online? The answer is relatively simple. They almost always sell direct to their list! That’s the secret! 

What is in the list? And most importantly how do they obtain their own list? A list is a term that you will come across very often in the internet marketing world. They are a list of people who subscribes to a newsletter by giving their details to the owner of the list. These marketers work their best in order to capture their visitors’ details when they visit their websites. 

Every experienced internet marketer will work their best and spend all their time and effort to build their list. They will always send out emails to their list when they have a new product that they would like to promote. Because they have already spent lots of time building up a good relationship with their list, they will have a very responsive list and when they promote, sales will always follow almost every time. 

This concept of internet marketing has been proven to work for many years. Promoting to your own list is so much easier than trying to hard sell to every visitor that comes to your website. Many beginners will make the same mistake of just choosing a good online product and think that sales and the money will come rolling in. They will not make consistent and long term money this way. 

So, I’ll ask you just to consider spending the next few weeks beginning to build your own list. There’s nothing more important than building your own list right now. But how and where do you start? 

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