Minden, NV company EverKid has recently released their new Halloween decoration set of five LED paper lanterns on Amazon and they are proud to announce that these have been well-received. The company pointed out that they have released the decorations early because Halloween is becoming an increasingly big celebration, and a lot of people are already starting to think about the decorations they will put up this year.

Elena Vera from EverKid says: "Our lanterns have been available for some time, but we have given them a cool new update. We've added an orange fan with a witch picture on it, and we have also changed the packaging so it looks better and is more appropriate for gift giving. We're very happy to see that people agree with us."
The paper lanterns are 8" in size and come in four different models. There is the blue lantern with dark blue bats, the white lantern with the black skeleton, the orange Jack-O lantern, and two black lanterns with white spider webs. The latest addition, the orange fan with the black witch, means all the standard Halloween creatures are included.

EverKid, as can be seen on their website at http://everkid.biz, is very keen to listen to their customers, which is why they are so happy to see how well-received the updated lanterns are. Those who have tried them have stated that they are super cute and very suitable for young children, as they are not too scary. Others also mention that they are so easy to put up, which is great as it means the children can be involved with decorating the home as well.

"We really want to thank our customers for letting us know just how happy they are with our products," adds Elena Vera. "We also want them to know that, if they do ever have an issue with them, they can contact us and we will try our best to resolve it straight away. Our customer happiness is the most important thing."

Those interested in purchasing Halloween lanterns or who want to find out more about them can do so via the shop's Amazon store.

About EverKid:

EverKid is a small family owned company that with passion and creativity develops unique gifts for kids of any age.

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