Minden, Nevada based company EverKid, has announced with pride that the launch of their Halloween Decoration Set of 5 LED Paper Lanterns has been successful. The product, which was initially launched just a few short weeks ago, has gained mass exposure, and reached a level of sales that the company deems to be more than satisfactory.

"We knew that people would love the product once it hit the shelves," states Elena Vera, a spokesperson for EverKid. "What we didn't realize is just how much they would love it. Sales have been phenomenal."

The Halloween decoration set, which can be seen and purchased on the Amazon marketplace, includes five paper LED lanterns, each of which contain its own LED light. The lights run on two AAA batteries, and the lanterns can be hung together or apart, a point Vera says may have led to the high volume of sales.

"Instead of having to hang them all together like many other decorations, we've designed them to be a bit more flexible, and we believe this may be one reasons that our customers are literally buying them up in bulk."

Elena Vera says that the decoration can be perfect for any home but that organizations, schools, and commercial establishments are also purchasing them. She added that the company is now including a bonus decoration in the set. Customers who order through the Amazon marketplace will receive the bonus, as well as special packaging of the product that Vera says makes it perfect for gift giving.

More about EverKid, including a look at the other products that the company offers, can be seen on their official website at http://everkid.biz.

The company has not stated whether or not they plan to release any new products to follow up on this launch. Elena Vera simply stated that they are very pleased with the results of the product launch and that they are working to ensure that product remains available in light of the recent influx in sales.

Those who are interested can get a full look at the set of Halloween Paper Lanterns with LED Lights on the Amazon marketplace.
About EverKid:
EverKid is a small family owned company that with passion and creativity develops unique gifts for kids of any age.

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