EverKid, based in Minden, NV, has recently made some minor changes to a set of 5 Halloween paper lanterns with LED lights and they now announce that the set is popular with Amazon shoppers. The company is truly happy with the results because when companies update an already popular product, they are taking a big risk. Some consumers may be resistant to the fact that something that already works is being changed. Fortunately, the modifications made by EverKid were considered to be positive by most consumers.

"It is always scary to make a change to something that is popular," says EverKid's Elena Vera. "Although our lanterns themselves haven't changed, we have only added to them. It is still risky as customers who have heard of them through word of mouth may not recognize them as the ones recommended to them. We're happy to say that our updated lanterns are doing very well."

Originally, the product contained five lanterns and was placed in a simple brown box. The lanterns included a Jack-O lantern, a blue lantern with dark blue bats, a white lantern with a black skeleton, and two black lanterns with white spider webs. These lanterns are still present in the new set, but EverKid, as shown on their website at http://everkid.biz, has also added an orange paper fan with an image of a black witch on it. Additionally, they have changed the packaging into a decorated Halloween box, making it more suitable for gift giving.

Those who have purchased the lanterns since the update have been very happy with what they have received. They state that they love the lanterns, which are quite large in size at 8", and that they are very easy to put up. They also enjoy the fact that these are so suitable for children, not just because they are less frightening, but also because the kids can help in putting the lanterns up.

EverKid feels that their updated Halloween decoration product on has been a complete success. They took the plunge, and it seems that their efforts had paid off. They encourage everyone to check out the new lantern set on the Amazon store.
About EverKid:

EverKid is a small family owned company that with passion and creativity develops unique gifts for kids of any age.

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