Newcastle-Under-Lyme, United Kingdom; 14, June 2016: There's no denying the motor trade is growing. More entrepreneurs are selling cars for a living. Plus, there is also a rise in the people that provide support services such as repairs. As with any business venture, it's vital that the right insurance cover gets taken out.

Evans & Lewis Insurance

For those new to the motor trade, insurance can be a confusing subject. To the uninitiated, it seems like there are various options available. But, there isn't much information on the best policies to suit specific enterprises. To help solve that problem, insurance firm Evans and Lewis published a free online guide.

Motor trade insurance

People new to the industry must take out something called a motor trade insurance policy. But, there are many different policy types available.

The guide, posted on the company's blog, demystifies policies for home and commercial premises. That's because a lot of people have taken to working in the motor trade from home. For example, there has been an upsurge in people selling vehicles from their homes.

Those individuals need insurance to cover the cars they buy from other people. And they need cover to protect them when taking clients out for test drives.

For those working out of commercial premises, there are other considerations to make. Garages, for instance, need a policy that also covers tools and equipment. Plus, there's also the question of insurance for works vans and tools carried in them.

The importance of tailored motor trade insurance policies

It's safe to say that there isn't a "one size fits all" policy in the motor trade. People new to the industry need to consider their specific insurance needs.

To best meet their needs, those new to the motor trade approach brokers like Evans and Lewis. The way to get a tailored insurance quote isn't dissimilar to normal car insurance ones.

First of all, one must disclose full details of their business. This includes information like contact details, trading address, and occupations. Next, they must provide information on who (and what) is to get insured.

Once that's done, firms like Evans and Lewis ask various insurers for quote details. The ones that offer the best value for money then get forwarded to their clients.

The benefit of using Evans and Lewis is that they have the resources available to get the best quotes. That means one does not have to compromise on cover just to suit the needs of an insurer!

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Founded by industry experts, Evans and Lewis offer a motor trade policy brokerage service. They have a vast amount of experience and industry knowledge. Evans and Lewis work with people from all disciplines in the motor trade. Examples include car dealerships, garages, logistics firms, and more.

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