It is absolutely necessary to invest in personnel and HR? The answer is quite obvious. Yes, this is a must! Today, companies tend to understand that human resources are the most valuable assets they have. A company may have fantastic top management team, powerful and dedicated investors, but it will never reach strategic goals, unless its personnel is ready to operate on a highest level.

Strategy2Act is aware of this. That is why the company has been working hard to offer managers powerful tools and metrics to evaluate HR performance and efforts. This press release will present a brief overview of tools and metrics units offered by

First off, every HR manager will benefit from a comprehensive set of personnel evaluation kpis. Here are a few major ones:

- cost per hire. Well, it is evident each and every company spends money to hire employees. Sure, there are exceptions from this rule, when employees come to HR department on their own. So, HR managers have to spend money on recruiting and advertising. They also have to pay money to recruiting agencies that often have huge databases of potential employees. Naturally, it is logical to keep cost per hire indicator as low as possible. Yes, one needs to remember that saving too much money on hiring good employees may result in hiring incompetent personnel that will hardly benefit the company. HR metrics will help evaluate cost per hire and keep those costs reasonable.

- employee turnover rate. Evidently, it’s not good when employees often leave the company. It is not a secret that only loyal and dedicated employees are the most helpful. Besides, the company may spend money to educate an employee. Thus, when such a worker leave, the business suffers losses, which is unacceptable when it comes to modern market environment and competition. Besides, employees turnover rate is linked to lots of various other indicators like employee satisfaction with wages, working conditions, managerial approaches etc. In other words, this is an extremely informative indicator that can even demonstrate well being and potential of any business.

- time to hire. An efficient HR manager needs very little time to fill a vacant position with a suitable employee. Sure, the less time HR department needs, the better. Tracking time to hire will help evaluate efficiency of hr managers and locate problems and faults in the hr policy, as well as in  call-center balanced scorecard  performance.

Also, visitors will discover other tools to evaluate  HR Balanced Scorecard , including templates and trial software to create and manage the Balanced Scorecard. All products are available in a trial mode, by the way. It makes evaluation every easy.

The list of KPIs is not only limited to hiring KPIs. There are training metrics and other indicators that are directly related to HR practices.

About the company:

Strategy2Act is an online company that deals with BSC and business metrics for various industries, HR in particular.