24 December, 2013: One of the main contenders for victory in the national selection for Eurovision 2014 Eduard Romanyuta, who has three times been a finalist for the national selection, refused to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Note that his songs are recognized as the best ones of national selection by main managers of Eurovision radio.

Singer said that now all young people are on Euromaidan where defending their rights, freedom and the desire to live in a European country. Eduard actively supports Euromaidan. For him it is the number one priority, because he can not leave his friends, compatriots in this complex and crucial moment of our history. The artist decided not to participate in the selection due to the situation in the country.

Eduard decision was unexpected and all very surprised, because the singer worked hard and enthusiastically preparing for Eurovision 2014. The last six months before the national selection by European and American authors have written specifically for the singer new song Reckless (Denniz Jamm, Leticia Ascencio, John Scott Mulchaey). The song was produced by the biggest company in the world BMG, which cooperates with well-known performers such as Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Evanescence, Duran Duran and many others. Also at the final stage of the work is a clip Reckless from the famous studio Kadim Tarasov – Chupacabra.

Eduard expresses heartfelt gratitude to the people of Ukraine for unity, fortitude and faith in our future. Artist support Euromaidan and believe in the strength and solidarity of the Ukrainians.

About Artist:

Eduard Romanyuta is young star of Ukrainian pop-music. From the early years of the singer was the winner of numerous national and international music competitions and festivals. Now he confidently wins Ukrainian and European musical spaces. Proof — the third place at the national selection for Eurovision 2013, constant rotation of hits on all the popular youth radio stations in Europe, a large number of nominations and music awards. Eduard Romanyuta in 2011 and was nominated for three awards OE Video Music Awards 2011 — «Best Male Performance», «Breakthrough of the Year” and nominated for “Video of the Year” with his song “Shores”, and in 2012 Edward Romanuta got the win on the OE Video Music Awards 2012 nominations — Best Video 2012, Best Foreign Song in a foreign language 2012. During last time, he also did performance with such famous stars like t.A.T.U. and Park Gorky. He did not stop there, and conquer new heights, which proves his new music hits “Nightmare” and “No Regrets”

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