Eureka Forbes Water ATM in Alwar has changed the lives of around 10,000 individuals

  • Clean drinking water at 50 paise per litre has been made accessible to around 10,000 people in Alwar district of Rajasthan

Inspite of unprecedented progress made by India in various fields, the basic issue of safe and clean drinking water and its lack of access in most parts of the country, continues to be a roadblock stifling the collective growth of the nation.  Contamination of drinking water has been identified as a critical public health issue by the World Health Organization (WHO), causing 80% of all diseases. The Alwar Municipal Administration provides piped water supply in some parts of the town which falls far short of the demand and is also erratic. The rest of the city gets water through tankers.

Taking cognizance of this issue, Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment undertook a community-driven initiative to make safe drinking water accessible to every individual in the state.

As part of the initiative, an Aquaguard Water ATM was installed in Alwar district of Rajasthan.These water stations allow people to access healthy drinking water at as low as 50 paise per litre. This water plant supplies upto 1,000 litres of safe drinking water per hour in a day. These water purification systems have changed the lives of around 10,000 residents.


The Aquaguard water vending machine has been designed by the experts of water purification and is equipped with advanced technology, wherein every drop of water is treated by a 9-stage purification process.Water scientists and field experts at Eureka Forbes tested the water conditions before setting up the plant. Depending on the level of contaminants present in water, the company customized the technology. This ensured that the water was not only free from microbiological contaminants like bacteria, virus and cysts but also other life endangering pollutants like nitrates, fluorides, arsenic etc. while retaining the natural essential minerals present in the water. Additionally, the Eureka Forbes team has provided complete training to the local NGO for running this plant.


The way it works is that a tanker comes inevery day to supply water, which is pulled via motor into a water tank. The water is then treated by the Carbon filter and Sand filter through which the waste gets collected in one tank and the treated (clean) water in another. The quality of water dispensed strictly adheres to all standards and requirements of the World Health Organization.


Residents feel that “The best part aboutthis initiative is that we have access to water cards that can be re-charged at regular intervals. These cards have our names on it; all we need to do is place the card on the machine and we get access to instant safe and heathy drinking water at a minimal cost, thereby helping in saving both time and money.”