05, March 2016: etraining is the active form of learning delivery. With a number of new learning channels and different innovative formats available, e-Training works attentively to deliver quality education to the learners irrespective of age and professional ability. The best part of the eTraining is the unique methods to teach the learners with crucial knowledge and hammer it in through various channels i.e. speaking characters, video clips, audio clips and virtual classes.

While offering choices of learning methods, eTraining fulfills the need of the learners both at local and global levels.

With the advent of online education, e-Training has a new platform to grow and deliver high-class education to the students and learners word-wide. Moreover, it reduces the overall educational expenditure by savings the cost associated with travel and accommodation associated with education. It is best for adult learners who can continue doing the job in day time and have additional skills.

Hot courses at Etraining:
A. Personal Development
B. Selling
C. Communication Skills
D. Emotional Intelligence
E. Management
F. Health And Safety
G. Health And Medical
H. Coaching
I. Miscellaneous

e-Training gives you the freedom and flexibility to learn when and where you want and at your own pace. eTraining Skill provides predesigned courses which are complete in their own right. We can also design bespoke courses to your company’s training needs. You can learn about and master a wide range of subjects to develop and enhance your skills. In this economic climate it is useful to know that SKILLS pay the BILLS.

Brian Tracy has shown through studies that each dollar spent on training appropriate employees in the business and corporate world, has brought back 15 to 25 dollars by increased sales, production or performance. What a good return on investment…!!

Innovative online training with eTraining gives you the opportunity to have multifaceted learning through visual, auditory and kinesthetic stimulation. It uses a variety of speaking characters, text, power point, photographs and video clips to keep the client engaged. The neuro-linguistic programming and emotional intelligence techniques increase learning and retention.

etraining skill take scare of you and makes you or your organisation achieve success in training to the best standards in a way that is pleasant and rewarding.

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