A fully integrated service that facilitates the search of jobs by US BASED estimators AS WELL AS ALLWOING US BASED CONTRATORS THE ABILITY TO POST PROJECTS THEY NEED ESTIMATOR FOR IS what EstimatorLocator.com offers. The service acts as a market where contractors and estimators can reach to one another with the help of a powerful platform.

EstimatorLocator.com is the online tool POISED TO BE THE of choice for professional contractors. A highly organized structure of bids and jobs generate the ideal work environment for any estimators that are looking for a membership service.
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The way estimates are PREPARED, and the result regarding construction works across America could use an upgrade. A fast, active and flexible tool that operates as a link between contractors and estimators is what EstimatorLocator.com offers.

Unparalleled accessibility and availability are needed in the contractor field, and this is the main reason behind the development of EstimatorLocator.com.  The platform represents the perfect location for entrepreneurs and estimators as it incorporates all of the functions needed for them to succeed when looking for a partner.

Starting now all important bids and offers related to construction can be found on the platform. It can be accessed easily because a simple sign-up is all it takes. Search mechanisms make it easier for users to find what they are looking for and decrease the overall time and resources spent when searching for new project ESTIMATORS.

The founder and president of EstimatorLocator.com is Jamie Henry, owner of Quicksum, LLC. construction project management and estimating guru for 16 years,  Jamie has been busy with creating EstimatorLocator.com where contractors and estimators come together to communicate, work and grow. The platform has been created using the experience and expertise of Jamie and takes negotiations, estimations, and bid preparations to a new level.
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Company: Quicksum LLC
Contact Person: Jamie Henry
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Website: www.estimatorlocator.com
NYC, New York, United States
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