USA - Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy a person needs to keep the body functioning. This rate is expressed in calories. It is very important to know the small changes that occur in our body. BMR is used to determine and plan weight loss and nutrition levels.

Weight Loss Programs has developed an application called the BMR Calculator to estimate the calories that the human body burns in a day. This calculator easily computes the BMR in a few steps. This software helps to lose or gain weight as needed, by displaying the number of calories required to achieve the goal.

A user of this reliable software says, “Using this makes it easy to know how much calories the body burns each day, helping build up a balanced diet for human beings and it meets user’s demands.”

This software applies different scientific calculations and utilizes biological information to calculate the BMR. It requires basic information like gender, age, activity rate to output the BMR. Knowing the rate helps to identify the number of calories that the body requires per day.

The website provides facilities to download the BMR Calculator free of cost, in a few simple steps. Complete specifications, features and other information related to the application can be obtained from this website. New users can go through the reviews to gain an insight into the features of the software.

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Weight Loss Programs focuses on helping people lose weight through effective plans. They develop free software related to various types of diet programs. The company has a team of programmers and fitness professionals who build software in accordance with the requirements of diverse customers. In addition to the BMR Calculator, this software expert has to its credit tools such as the Calorie Calculator and BMI Calculator.

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