When the need of more living space arises, homeowners can eithermove into a bigger house or simply make a house extension.  Home extensions Yorkare the easiest, fastest and less costly alternatives as compared to the other option. There are quite a number of highly qualified York house extensions specialists to carry out the task, a homeowner just needs to find out the best one.


Most people are often enthusiastic and keen to start a new home renovation project, but they forget to put in a little careful planning and patience to get the desired results. Before being swayed by the overwhelming joy of beginning a new project and starting shopping new furniture, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are many more important things to be understood first. Here are a few of them.


The first thing to consider is the main reason why home extension is needed. Perhaps this is the same question that most York house extensions specialists ask homeowners before starting a project. Some of the reasons why house extension is done include changing a house into a dream home, maximizing space for long-term living, adding value to the property and several others. No matter why extension is needed, let it be a practical one and doable.


The second consideration is the cost. How much budget has been put aside for completion of the project?  A number of people do clam up by the mention of a budget. Actually the purpose of having a budget is to ensure that the time spent in designing doesn’t go into the drain, and the final design made is something that can be afforded and delivered. If the budget of the project is known right form the onset, professional architects always try to maintain the cost of the project under the stated budget and offer the best value.


The next thing that comes in is time. Typical home extensionsYorkprojects usually require about one and a half months to perform surveying and designing before planning. Two and a half months would go into planning, one and a half months to come up with drawings and submit them for approval, about two to four weeks for tendering the project and lastly, two weeks for mobilizing the contractor to begin the work. Other aspects of time are concerned with the British weather and availability of the resources of a contractor. Therefore, before a contractor begins the work, it would take a minimum of approximately six and a half months. Forpermitted projects, the starting time can be slashed to about two and a half months.


Availability of services on the project site’s proximity is also a crucial matter. These services are related to gas, electricity, water and proper drainage. The area where the extension is to be made should not affect the supply of these amenities to the property. If the extension project affects these services then this issue must be solved immediately.


Last but not least, homeowners should think about how the project is going to affect the neighbouring houses. If the neighbours are directly affected, it will be wise todiscuss this matter with the neighbours.

A careful consideration at the important things that can affect home extensions York projects can guarantee that the project will run like a clockwork. York house extensions specialists also work hard to deliver top quality results with a careful plan in place.