Mondsee, Austria (18 August 2016)-pwnwin, a leading eSports competition platform which allows players from all over the world with all skill levels to compete in their favorite supported games for cash, prizes, and glory, announces the upcoming addition of its new tournament-style play.

Co-Founders of pwnwin, Roman Knoblechner and Bernhard Eder say,“We are thrilled to provide our players with another exhilerating way to compete in eSports by using a sophisticated tournaments system with small and daily to big and longer lasting tournaments with some of the largest cash prizes and giveaways in the eSports industry.”

Presently, pwnwin’s supported games are League of Legends and Dota2 with several other games being brought to the platform such as: Smite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and World of Tanks.

Knoblechner says, “We are constantly trying to innovate our platform and to bring some of the world’s most popular games to players so they can win prizes doing the things they love the most.”

Millions of eSports players worldwide are able to compete in daily contests, challenges, and quests for instant cash and instant gratification on pwnwin. For those who want to keep eSports and their devotion to the sport free of any monetary obligations, pwnwin also offers the option to play for free and win amazing prizes like paysafecards and gaming equipment every day.

“What makes pwnwin so innovative is that there is an option to play for free and still win incredible prizes. We like to think our platform is one of the first of its kind in this growing industry,” says Bernard Eder.

Two competition types are presently featured on the pwnwin platform. In single contests, players can compete in a quick head-to-head match in their favorite eSports games whenever they want, 24/7. In the challenges system, players can put their money where their mouth is, compete against all and get paid playing. pwnwin monitors the performance of all games. Points are awarded based on a unique point system — and only the best game counts, so players can play as many games as they want. The available payout structures (e.g. Winner Takes All, Top 3 win, upper 50% win) ensure that playing is even more intense and exhilarating.

Furthermore, through pwnwin’s unique quests and raffles, every player gets the chance to win prizes such as paysafecard vouchers, gaming equipment, and even gaming PCs.

“Our hope is to set a new standard and to provide a brand new way of playing in an industry that gamers love so much. We love our platform and believe gamers are going to see it as the new bar for this growing industry. In fact, as soon as our tournaments feature is released, we expect the name of our platform to become even more well-known. We believe the addition of tournament play will add to pwnwin’s core values of competition, teamwork, emotions, passion and professionalism,” says Eder.

pwnwin is attending the gamescom in Cologne, Germany in August of 2016 and hopes to sign up as many new players as possible. For more information about pwnwin, visit