NH, U.S.A. (July 06, 2010) - Enventure Technology Services, a leading Engineering services provider to global corporations, announced the successful implementation of new graphically enhanced assembly instruction manuals for a Schneider company‘s manufacturing plant in India. This project was aimed at reducing errors in assembly, material wastage and reducing occupational hazard risks in the manufacturing line.

Enventure, using industry leading toolsets from Dassault Systemes, created, modified and updated 3D design data and developed instruction manuals which are graphical in nature. By developing the improved assembly instruction documentation, Enventure helped the Client to reduce assembly errors, lower wastage, increase safety, eliminate language barriers and setup a globally adoptable instruction format.

“Several of the product modules did not have 3D models and available models and documentation were not centralized in a single structured repository. So we had to consolidate and organize all available documentation and models to start out; and then create required top level assembly models during the course of the project, to finally develop the graphical manuals. This created a dynamic work environment, and was one of the major challenges we faced in this project. But with outstanding cooperation and participation from the Client, we were able to successfully complete the project” said Sanjeev Keethari, Head of Mechanical Design Solutions at Enventure.

The NPD Manager at the Schneider company, who was managing the project commented, “Excellent work done by Enventure to support our requirement, we thank them whole heartedly!” The success of this project has also been showcased as a customer success story by EDS Technologies, the Dassault Systems Reseller in their June 2010 newsletter.

For more information about Enventure's Engineering Services please visit www.enventureonline.com or contact [email protected] A case study on this project is also available online at the Enventure website at www.enventureonline.com/index.php/download-assembly-instruction.html

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