07 December, 2013: Minecraft is a popular 3D construction game that is available on several gaming platforms like Xbox and others. Initially developed for a basic gaming console, it is now available for advanced gaming consoles as well, which is a clear description of how popular the game is. This game offers you a 3D construction site with different blocks and other features to construct your own virtual establishment, for which, you need to purchase the Minecraft membership. However, most of the gaming enthusiasts don’t wish to pay for the game and hence, start searching for tricks and tips to get a free account. We, at afreeminecraftaccount.com, are here to provide you with the latest news about the availability of a free minecraft account.

About afreeminecraftaccount.com

We are a group of fans of the minecraft game that make every effort to provide you a simple and easy access to get a free account and enjoy the game. We are in search for the latest information about different ways available to get a free account, which we will be sharing with you through our site in the form of articles, videos, hacks, mods and guides. With our dedicated efforts and passion towards the game, we will be updating the related content on our site on a daily basis.

Our approach to free accounts

To provide you with access to free and genuine accounts, we have partnered with several business sponsors and others, who are willing to play this game. They offer us a list of premium accounts that we are able to distribute free of cost. All you need to do is to visit our site and study details about how to sign up for a free account, unlock free minecraft mods and play the game. Although, the account is available free of cost, but you will have to complete a simple task like download a setup or take part in a survey or just register for a specified service. When you complete any of these tasks, the supplier gets paid a small amount for this, which is used to pay for the premium account offered to you.

Minecraft Mods

Along with free accounts, there are a number of tricks available to unlock several mods provided in the game. You can enhance your character’s powers, access limited areas and performs certain restricted actions and enjoy other benefits by getting different mods.

We offer you the latest and the most reliable source and information on how to get a free minecraft account and enjoy the paid game without paying any amount.