Beijing - Maybe people from other countries have already annoyed with house renting in Beijing and the enough money you need to become the real home buyer in Beijing has been already prepared. This should be the good news for people¡¯s future life in Beijing which is the capital city of China. However, this project is not only the problems of money but also need people prepare many other things. Now, let the consultant from, which is the professional apartments intermediary in Beijing, tell people basically preparations before buying Beijing real estate.

MS Lee, who is the consultant manager, said:¡± If the foreigners in Beijing want to purchase the apartment Beijing, they should first meet the following demand and provide appropriate proof.

First, the foreign buyers need to reside and live in China for one year. This is the minimum and necessary requirement.

Second, the foreign buyers for apartment in Beijing should write down their Chinese and foreign name clearly when they signing the apartment purchasing contract. Please pay more attention to this point.

Third, Beijing apartment buyers from Taiwan and Hong Kong should also provide with the proof of identity, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots HVPs or Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and so on. Foreigners buyers who are from other countries require to submit passport, residence permit, the notarized Chinese and foreign name or work permit, residence permit which must be marked with this person¡¯s Chinese and foreign name. These files and documents must be prepared before the apartments purchasing. If people want to learn more information about this process, please contact with the consultant from Beijing Maxviewrealty.

Fourth, if the notarized documents ad files are in foreign language, these files should be translated by the professional translation company. Furthermore, some documents which provided by foreign countries must be notarized by China and foreign institutions and then the certification is valid.

Fifth, after the fully preparation of the necessary files and documents, they should be required for approval and review by the Beijing Municipal Foreign Office. However, people could also hand over the solving for matter to the professional Beijing real estate agency

Sixth, as foreign buyers who need a loan do not have fixed income in Beijing, their proof of income, marriage certificate and other documents need to be notarized by the professional notarization organization of Beijing.

If people want to purchase apartment in Beijing, the enough cashes should be the crucial foundation. However, other proof and qualifications are also very necessary. You could be not worry about these matters as you could freely ask help from professional house consultant agency Beijing Maxviewrealty.

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