10, March 2016: Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled motor has become a new favorite to many people who enjoy riding activity. Unlike riding bicycles or motorcycles, riding with Airwheel Z3 electric scooter is more relaxing and flexible, and Airwheel Z3 electric scooter is truly an ideal commuting tool in winter.


Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter enables riders to ride at a much lower speed compared with riding with traditional electric scooters or motorcycles. In the chilly winter, riding at a lower speed will be better to resist the coldness from the wind, and Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter supports low-speed riding in winter. However, the riding speed of Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled motor will be larger than riding bicycles, so riders will enjoy a faster and more effective riding with Airwheel Z3 electric motor. After all, Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric motor helps to realize an ideal riding state.

Moreover, Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric motoris designed with marvelous anti-skid capability, which will improves the riding experiences in winter. The two tiny wheels of Airwheel Z3 are featured by great land-holding and antiskid capabilities, and riders will not get slippery even when they riding on the slippery road conditions in rainy or snowy days. It would be fantastic for riders to be able to ride in varied road conditions.


With the Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled motor, it will be much easier to have a short-trip in winter. People tend to stay in house for keeping warm and are reluctant to attend outdoor activities, which is not good health. By riding with Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric motor, riders can travel to the nearest park or have a short trip with friends or relatives in a sunny day in winter, enjoying the winter scenery and having more outdoor activities in the open air. In a word, winter is also a good season for a riding trip with Airwheel Z3 electric motor.

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