In the world where we currently inhabit, identity theft is quite common. The outcome of such crimes not only contributes to increased number of criminal activities but also leads to victimization of innocents. Due to this reason, any institution today requires submission of genuine identity cards, before citizens or employees receive access to a particular service or system. Now, the first and foremost criterion to understand genuineness of an identity card is explicitness of the information and due to this reason, it is not difficult to understand the importance of quality card printing. The Zebra ID card printers are here to simplify the entire process. Whether it is employee cards, loyalty cards or membership cards, the printers belonging to the Zebra ZXP 3 series, are sure to satisfy your requirements.


Printing identity cards doesn’t lead to any complication but today simple printing is not enough. In order to avoid the further complications associated with identity theft or misuse of identity, it is important that applications like tracking, access control can be implemented. With Zebra ID card printers these situations can easily be dealt with. Whether it is a professional, academic or social institution that takes the responsibility regarding delivery of security identity cards, the Zebra printers may integrate these features, provided the correct features are used. Whether it is a coloured or monochrome printer from the Zebra ZXP 3 series, these benefits are easy to enjoy and apply accordingly to every card that will be printed.


The features provided by Zebra ID card printers are several and range from Ethernet connectivity access, magnetic stripe encoding for smart cards and lamination. Another important thing about using these card printers is special emphasis on detailing. Whereas in many card printers the colour gets dull or information becomes blurred, with Zebra printers each detail would not only come conspicuous but the entire appearance the card would automatically provide it with a genuine and convincing appearance. The functioning features that printers belonging to Zebra ZXP 3 series contain are easy to avail as the method of using each feature is properly shown over the device itself.


Apart from the Zebra ZXP 3 printers, there are several other types of the device that may also provide equally effective card printing solutions, such as Zebra ZXP 7, Zebra ZXP8, Zebra Value Class and Zebra Performance Class. Keeping apart the small variety is specifications aside, the basic features in all the Zebra ID card printers remain same. The most poignant features include — printing single and dual-sided cards, changing form of the dye with the help of ‘Direct-to-Card’ method, coloured or monochrome printing, USB 2.0 integrated, threefold card encoding options (magnetic strip encoder, smart card encoder, and 10/100 Ethernet).


The online stores are great sources when it comes to purchasing a quality Zebra ID card printer. However, you need to be sure about the source that you are selecting is authentic or not. Determining this issue will not be a problem if you search over the internet and go for those sites only that provide you with the requisite information honestly. So, get a Zebra card printer today and solve the complications regarding identity card printing.

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