12, May 2016: For the humanized, convenient, portable and practical electric scooter, Airwheel Z3, it is warmly welcomed by female users. In current society, female workers are also the backbone. Meanwhile, they bear the big pressure. Therefore, they need to breathe some new air except work. A best way to relax them is to spend with their girlfriends. They hit the shops, enjoy a cup of coffee and chat or hold parties etc. to lift their mood.

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Airwheel Z3 2 wheels electric scooter can be applied into many occasions. To be first, for office ladies, they can be taken into the elevators, buses, subways and be stored in the corner of home or office due to the light weight(11.8kg), small size(752mm×371mm×974mm) and folding system(pedals, operating rod and connection part between pedals and the front wheel). Daily commuting becomes convenient and cool. Enid often rides Z3 electric scooter to go to work. She said this healthy transporting way can improve the work efficiency.


Apart from daily commuting, Airwheel Z3 electric hoverboards is also a way of entertainment. Being fed up with indoor activities, Enid and her close friends will also ride Z3 electric scooter to find excitement in each street. Of course the riding itself must be safe. The tyres of Z3 are customized which are made of solid aluminummagnesium alloy. The 8-inch wheels have anti-skip strip so the road holding ability is stronger. The front wheel is pneumatic tyre while the rear wheel adopts the solid tyre which can achieve better shock absorption. They can stop to appreciate the beautiful scenery or have a cup of coffee at any time.


Enid illustrated that users can prepare two battery packages in case of power-off in long-distance travelling. It is so easy to change the battery since the battery packages of Z3 two wheel electric scooter are up-mounted. Several seconds can be done. Your girl’s time can be also interesting with Airwheel Z3 electric scooter.

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