China - In recent years, the issues for environmental and energy have become the focus point of countries all over the world. Frankly speaking, these issues have also become key factor affecting the development of the automotive car industry. The appearing of a variety of alternative energy power has raised new issue and challenges to the automotive air conditioning industry. SANDEN DENSO, which is China famous Auto Air Conditioner Compressors manufacturer, is very specialized in the producing for high efficiency and energy saving Car AC Compressors.

The engineer from SANDEN DENSO ( ) ever described that the automotive air conditioning system is the main part which would have largely impact for car¡¯s comfortable feeling. The car air conditioning system could provide with people functions such as cooling, heating, defrosting, demisting, air filtration and humidity controlling. Among them, the heating system of the Car AC Compressors avoids excessive dress of driver and this could also used to defogging and defrosting of windows. On the other hand, the cooling system is to provide comfort driving by keeping drivers alert. Furthermore, the heating and air-conditioning systems also provide dust cleaning and deodorizing function. In a word, the air conditioning system should be the crucial part of today¡¯s car.

Although the excessive heating from the traditional car engine could be enough DYNE Auto Air Conditioner Compressors for the car heating, the recent development of efficient petrol and diesel engines will largely reduce the excessive heat consuming. This could give a difficult challenge or issue to the working efficiency of Car AC Compressors. Nowadays, the electric and hybrid vehicles are very popular as the environmental friendly concept in human¡¯s society. For these cars, they will have to sacrifice such amount of driving performance to provide enough heating and cooling energy of car, therefore, the car conditioning system must reduce power burden by improving the efficiency of part of automobile automotive air conditioning systems such as Car AC Compressors. This is the crucial mind which the car AC compressors need to think of.

In order to adapt to the development of the new energy engine and transporting, SANDEN DENSO make great effort to enhance the working efficiency and stable capabilty of their DYNE Auto Air Conditioner Compressors. For the new generation of environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric car, hybrid car, fuel cells car and other low-emission vehicles, their smaller power supply could only provide limited power to the air conditioning system. In that kind of situation, the high efficient SANDEN DENSO Auto AC Compressors could be the first choice for these new type cars.

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