China - The industry expert has estimated that the market of LED lighting products would become more mature in 2014. This kind of development would give China LED Lighting bulb manufacturers such as MLS lighting more and more opportunities. After many years¡¯ development and strengthening, the excellent LED lighting products manufacturer will enter into the huge profitable stage.

"At the end of 2013, the monthly producing volume of bulb, tube and other LED light source products of MLS reached about 3 million while the target for the same period at next year is more than 15 million per month. At the same time, we will also raise the overall quality of the single product. The efficiency, driving and CRI for all of LED products from MLS CO., LTD will be upgraded and the CRI and light effects value should reach to 80 or more.¡± Lin Jiliang who is the general Manager of MLS said in LED lighting Fair of this year.

With the gradually mature of the LED lighting products market in 2013, this year is also the MLS CO.,LTD strategically year for MLS which want to reach the full realization of promoting lighting decoration products, expanding the selling channel and enhancing the reputation of this company. Currently, after two years of channel development, the professional selling point if MLS lighting ( )has reached to over 8000 and the number of professional selling stores have reaching more than 300. In the next year, this target will also be doubled. The 300 people¡¯s sales team of MLS has been trained at the headquarters and this team will be fully put into marketing and sales services at next year. Their future sales target could reach to 1 billion dollars.

Why the world LED industry will become more mature in 2014? The General Manager of MLS whose name is Lin Jiliang said:¡± The introduction of the new workmanship and low price raw material has largely enhanced the cost effective of the LED lighting products. With the decreasing of the selling price, the LED lighting market has become more and more lively. Furthermore, the performance of LED products will have rapid development in the near future.¡± His words could fully explain the matured progress of LED market.

The mature products and mature market need to have the detailed specifications for products. The LED market also needs a set of specific specification. For example, the LED light effective of the LED products is also growing so that the flux of lighting should be defined as the main specifications at this stage. On the other hand, the LED single-ended electrical power is another specific which could meet with the safety feature and comply with international electrical specifications. However, there are also other specifications and people could contact with MLS to know about this.

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The MLS is the largest LED lighting products manufacturer and supplier in China. The main China LED Tube light mission of MLS is research, produce and promotes the energy-saving LED products.

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