Energy Portable is a remarkable patent pending electric power generator that fits perfectly in the pocket of its user. This portable electric charger enables the users to charge their smartphones or electronic gadgets anywhere and anytime and never having to be plugged in a socket or USB hub. Moreover, this pocket sized electric generator is made for everyone who has the problem of running out of battery and not having a wall socket nearby.

The creators of this remarkable invention from Lisbon, Portugal are now seeking generous community support on Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone to back this project generously. In addition, the working of Energy Portable is simple and easy. Users can simply press on the handle of this generator and release it after connecting to their USB Charging Cable. From headsets to smartphones or digital camera to tablets, it charges almost everything that has a USB Charging Dock, which even includes a power bank.

Following are some of the key features of Energy Portable:

- Requires No Power Source
- Affordable
- Recharge itself
- Same charging time as a socket
- 5 Volts 2100 mA Output Voltage
- 2600 mA Charging Capacity
- 140 Grams in Weight
- Eco Friendly
- Available in 3 Amazing Colors
- Extremely Compatible

The Indiegogo Campaign is available Here (  and the goal of this project is to raise 40,000 EUR within 31 days. Supporters can back this project with their generation donations and can get a chance to contribute in this unbelievable Technological Breakthrough.

About Energy Portable

Energy Portable is a technological breakthrough of the 21st century that will redefine the way people use electric power. Without any source of power (not even the sun), this great pocket size generator will produce sufficient and efficient amount of electric power.

Contact Person:  Jhonni Gabriel Martins dos Santos
Company: Energy Portable
Address: Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: +351925065940
Email: [email protected]
Personal Email: [email protected]