(Free Press Release) In October, Eneref Institute published a compilation of solar thermal case studies in Reeves Journal, a leading trade magazine, featuring various successful solar heating projects from across the western U.S.
The story, primarily targeting plumbers who operate in that region, highlights the opportunities for solar heating in commercial and residential applications.
Highlighted case studies identified in the story span from the Seattle Aquarium, which heats water for human occupants through Heliodyne‘s solar panels, to the Veteran Administration Hospitals in Texas, where SunEarth‘s flate plate collectors preheat domestic hot water for the buildings.
“Plumbers are first responders called in for water heating projects” explains Seth Warren Rose, Executive Director of Eneref Institute. “We have initiated a media strategy to attract plumbers to team up with solar thermal installers, where plumbers share leads with installers who have the necessary experience to lead the solar heating project.”
The story was printed in Reeves Journal magazine‘s October issue. For a printed copy of the magazine, please contact Reeves Journal directly, or download a pdf of the article from eneref.org. http://www.reports.eneref.org/eneref_reeves-journal_st-west-us_oct11.pdf

About Eneref Institute:
Eneref Institute is a research and advocacy organization, whose Solar Thermal Advantage initiative is designed to encourage the adaption of solar heating and cooling in commercial and residential facilities.