Emotional Atyachaar witnesses a shocking tale of a male’s mentality to satisfy his ego

~ One cannot imagine the extent to which a man’s mind can go ~


A man’s ego leads him to do unimaginable things to feel gratified. Such was the shocking story of Aashish and Bindu. Bindu who resides in Delhi was a fun loving and bold girl unfortunately confronted an outrageous male ego which was beyond her imagination.

Bindu met Aashish accidently in Delhi when she was hanging out with her friend. They instantly clicked and progressed into a relationship. During their relationship whenever they got intimate it bothered and ticked off Bindu, but Aashish always managed to convince her with his sweet talks. One day Bindu decided to surprise Aashish and saw him with another girl named Preity. This triggered suspicion in her mind about his loyalty. Already restless and hassled Bindu found out about her pregnancy. The news turned her life upside down while Aashish rejoiced.

One day she discovered pills in his car which left her stunned.Being unsure of Aashish’s loyalty and growing conflicting circumstances, Bindu decided to abort the child without telling him.

Will Bindu be able to find out the real truth about Aashish’s dubious personality? What were the pills all about and whom did it belong to? Was Aashish cheating on her? Or are there more revelations waiting to confront Bindu?





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