Emotional Atyachaar brings you a story where love is just another name for convenience

~ Witness the story of a girl who was misled in the name of love ~


With the perfect combination of beauty and brains, a girl is desirable and can choose anyone of her choice. But what happens if she ends up choosing the wrong person? Neha found this out the hard way. A pretty and ambitious girl, Neha was pursuing a degree in literature from a college in Delhi. The college, as is customary, had several youth political parties. Since her arrival, every guy in the college was attracted to her while she had set her eyes for one guy alone — Vaibhav. Vaibhav was a prominent member of one of the youth political parties. Along with being charming, he was a man of strong belief system. Neha was most attracted to his idealist traits and soon Vaibhav too got fond of her. They soon started dating immediately after meeting her.


Each moment they spent with each other was like an adventure and everything was going as good as it could get. But soon various incidents occurred that got Neha thinking. One day while with Vaibhav they had an encounter with Aaditya who hailed from a rival political party. Aaditya and Vaibhav got into a heated conversation where Aaditya mocked at Vaibhav for being gay. He accused Vaibhav of fooling everybody including Neha about his true character. Neha was shocked on hearing this. With a confused state of mind, she started wondering if it was just a rumor to puncture Vaibhav’s political image or whether it was actually true. But before she could make sense of it all, another incident took place with their friend Tanmay which left her even more baffled. The spiral of confusions increased further when she found a pair of earnings in Vaibhav’s bag that she assumed was bought for her but was shocked to see what followed later.


Being unable to bear with circumstances and the growing misunderstandings Neha finally decided to confront Vaibhav about his dubious actions.


What truth about Vaibhav does Neha uncover? Was Aaditya telling the truth or was that just a rumour?


To find out Vaibhav’s true colors and Neha’s plight, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday, August 24, 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!


Atul Malikram

[email protected]