With LCD open frame monitors becoming the latest trend for almost all industries, Caltron works with OEMs and integrators to deliver the most dynamic LCD open frame monitors in many varieties.

Fremont CA - Before LCD Open Frame Monitors were available, CRT monitors had to either be taken apart for the use of the screen to be integrated into an embedded display or the whole CRT monitor itself had to be used during integration.  Integrating a CRT monitor was not only cumbersome, but also required a lot of space accommodation in the enclosure.  This generally caused headaches for designers and integrators when designing an enclosure for an application that allotted minimal space.  Many big factors for certain applications were challenges of space, weight, heat eminence, power consumption and small form factor and footprint left behind.  Many embedded systems or displays were limited to the size of the PC/computer and amount of space taken up by the display monitor.  With many designers already having to worry about size restrictions of applications, another worry would be how difficult it would be to replace the unit or a component, should there be a failure.

As technology is constantly changing, there is always newer and better technology to help embedded designs and industrial applications, especially with demands of better functionality of technological products.  Embedded displays and industrial applications have become a great part of human life.  We sometimes take for granted all the perks that we have and are always wanting better.  CNC Machines and ATM machines used to use CRT monitors before the LCD open frame monitor was introduced and while it did the job, it was bulky and hard to replace when the unit failed. Integrators and industrial industries are converting over to LCD open frame monitors to create more efficient working units.

Caltron specializes in Open Frame Monitors
Caltron Industries, Inc. works closely with integrators and OEM’s to assist with special project needs. Open Frame Monitors, whether it is an LCD, LED Backlit or high bright monitor, are great for any application that requires a screen that takes up minimal space or for projects that only allow for a small limited area to work with.  The time of bulky CRT monitor is rapidly phasing out, since they require such a large space for integration, into enclosures.  With the demand growing for newer monitors that take up minimal space, Caltron is constantly working with engineers to develop the next possible need of open frame monitors for any type of industrial application.  

Benefits of an Open Frame Monitor
There are many applications that are switching over to LCD open frame monitors to make it the norm for the industrial industry.  Since LCD monitors leave a smaller footprint, it produces considerably less eco waste which many “green” companies want.  Many hospital and pharmaceutical applications like and are converting to LCD open frame monitors because it create more space for other important things that need to be in the same environment.  Many industries, like CNC milling machines, precision machining, health care, industrial equipment controls and enclosure designers that require small form factor monitors are considering open frame monitors more heavily for new projects. Digital Signage, sometimes prefer Caltron’s High Bright Open Frame Monitor, like the HBT-1212O, 12.1” open frame high bright led open frame monitor, when used in outdoor displays or in areas with high ambient lighting. Sometimes a high bright monitor is needed to fight against the elements of bright lights to deliver a powerful dynamic display.

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