Branding Los Angeles is a full service branding and marketing business offering newsletter and email marketing campaign management in addition to their extensive pre-existing branding and marketing services. Located at 11040 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 211 Los Angeles, Ca. 90025. For more information call them directly on 310.479.6444.

Email marketing is one of the essential elements to growing the market presence of a business both online and offline. It forms one of the core avenues of communication between a business and both current and potential customers, but can easily be underutilized due to the sheer volume of things to consider. Branding Los Angeles helps business create and manage newsletter and email marketing campaigns( that generate outstanding results, using their knowledge of online marketing to ensure that that campaigns are optimized.

In order for the potential of newsletters to be fully realized, a wide variety of elements must be taken into consideration. Firstly, the design and layout is crucial, people have a short attention span when it comes to emails, and in order to generate results, a newsletter must stand out from the crowd. This involves taking a ground-up approach to design, making sure that it is coherent across all mediums and integrating links and social actions in the newsletter itself, making the content as shareable as possible. Secondly, the content itself needs to be carefully considered. Email marketing in today’s world means providing useful content that people will want to read and share, not solely content that pushes a product or service. In order to achieve this, the campaign must be designed in a way that captures the attention of readers and encourages them to click through to the website or social media presence of the business in question. Other factors such as the timing of when emails are sent and the quality of the subject line have a huge impact on both open and click-through rates.

Branding Los Angeles works with businesses both big and small across a range of industries to deliver email marketing campaigns that excel. By working on a one-on-one basis with clients from initiation through to completion, a comprehensive understanding of the business in question is ascertained and integrated into the campaign. As a full-service marketing and branding company, Branding Los Angeles is in a position to assist across all marketing platforms, from web design and SEO through to print media marketing. When it comes to email marketing, they can help with everything from the graphic design elements and layout, through to the content itself and accompanying imagery. More information about email marketing and the services offered by Branding Los Angeles can be found on their website or by contacting them directly on (310)479-6444.

About: Branding Los Angeles is a web design and branding company that provides full-service branding solutions for the full spectrum of businesses that need to develop a strong brand and marketing presence in Los Angeles. They currently manage newsletter marketing services for a range of Los Angeles based businesses.  

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