01, March 2016: One middle school set up a summer camp activity on the outskirt of the city. Elyse just studies in this middle school. From his classmate she learned that there would be a contest of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters. What’s more, the host is to invite those who are highly skilled at riding Airwheel electric scooter to show their thrilling wheelie before other students. This is an awesome news. At the news, she cannot wait to sign up for the activity and volunteers the showing of Airwheel X-series. In the middle school, Elyse is good at riding Airwheel single-wheeled intelligent scooter. A lot of her classmates and friends expect to witness her amazing showing long.


After the heated contest of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, Elyse is invited by her friends and classmates to show her amazing wheelie. As the long-expected showing of wheelie kicks off, Elyse jumps onto her intelligent self-balancing scooter quickly and expertly. In spite of the single-wheeled structure, Elyse is still able to keep the balance on it. Others around her see no dramatic movement on it. But she can maintain the balance perfectly. She slowly goes forwards and soon she falls back. Even she is capable of standing on the X8 on one foot. The posture takes others aback.

Subsequent to the showing, a handful of audience ask her about her experience of learning. Actually, she says that she spent much time on learning and practice. The successful showing should be owed to her persevering practice.


She will of steel impresses the audience deeply. She adds that a beginner has a way of falling off Airwheel electric unicycle X-series. She also had the intention of giving up on it, but she told herself that she could stick it out. Surely enough, she can steer Airwheel X8 expertly. Others are jealous of her skill and at the same time admire her fortitude and perseverance.

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