Elli’s performs on Katrina’s song at the BIG Star Entertainment Awards



A fair and flawless complexion, delicate features and accented Hindi got the world to notice Swedish — Greek actress Elli Avram’s striking similarity with Bollywood Goddess Katrina Kaif. The co-incidental similarities between the two beauties also became a part of national folklore after host Salman Khan’s comments on a recent television reality show.  


Seems like Elli takes this similarity of hers to Kat as a great compliment — the beautiful actress chose to take the stage at the glittering BIG STAR Entertainment awards with Katrina’s famous belly numbers! Elli chose to show off her toned mid-riff while delivering easy belly moves on Kat’s Mashallah track leaving the ecstatic audience in loud cheer!


Too many similarities....forced or otherwise — the audiences aren’t complaining!


~ Watch Elli Avram’s fabulous belly dance and more only on the BIG STAR Entertainment Awards, 31st December at 8pm only on STAR Plus! ~



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