California, USA; 14, September 2016: Elite Screens brings a wide range of projection displays that can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. These screens are manufactured using industry leading technology, and can be used to create a home theater or can be used in the conference room in an office. Available in different formats, such as manual, motorized, portable and others, these Projection Screens can have a variety of applications and can influence people’s way of living or the way the business is done today.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have invested hugely in the research and development in order to design and produce screens that can address the communication and entertainment needs of the modern population. They supply outdoor movie screens that can be used for entertaining a group of people. On the other hand, an in-ceiling Projection Screen can be used for business presentations in the conference room. According to the spokesperson, Elite Screens has solutions to meet the requirements of the diverse group of customers.

The company has been popular for offering award-winning products to their customers, and their recent breakthrough is the ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens, designed for an excellent display both in day and night conditions. With the use of multilayer polarized 3D surface, the brightness of the screen is enhanced with a balanced color and contrast reproduction for a superior quality visual experience. The screens offered by the company enhance the visual appeal and improve the performance of the content.

From business presentations to academic lectures and also for entertainment purposes at home, Elite Screens provides the complete display solutions with all required accessories, such as remote controls, RS232 components, triggers and other components. By offering practical and cutting-edge solutions, the company is endeavoring to meet the customer demand in a more precise and specific manner. Available in different formats and in a variety of sizes, these screens can meet the purpose of all types of users, from a business user to a domestic user. One can learn more about the screens and their features by visiting the website

About Elite Screens Inc.:

Elite Screens is a US based projection screen manufacturing company with its world headquarters in California and satellite offices in Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Latvia, Mexico, Japan, and Taiwan. Elite is an ISO9001:2008 certified professional manufacturer of projection screens that specializes in producing retail, commercial and the (EPV) dedicated custom integrator sales channels. Elite Screens products are available through authorized distributors, resellers, retailers and system integrators worldwide.

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