09, September 2016: Apart from private cars, Uber, and taxies, there are many efficient travelling vehicles. Airwheel e bike E6, with its portability and fashionable shape presents a novel style of commuting.

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It is difficult to choose a suitable vehicle to get around. Some people can not move even without the help of cars. Some feel disgusted with the odor in public transportation. But in rush hours, whether Uber, taxis or private cars can not escape from the trap. In contrast, smart electric devices, like Airwheel electric scooters are gaining more attention. There is a new move for the company, which is the release of an e bike E6.


Riding enthusiasts must have been aware of the fast-growing company Airwheel, which manufactures intelligent transportation devices. The intelligent unicycles and smart electric scooters have influenced the transportation system. This year, the E-series is precisely targeted at daily commuters. The Smart E Bike E6, in this series, with unique style and high performance has enjoyed good sales.


Airwheel E6 has achieved a scientific balance between appearance and performance. The e-bike has adopted a patented structure, in an X shape, which is foldable, steady and light-weighted. E6 weighs 12.6kg but can bear a maximum weight of 100kg, which demonstrates the perfect combination of structure and materials. The vehicle has a multi-folding system. The pedals, saddle, handle bars can all be folded. Thus, it is suitable to be stored in car trunks and offices.


Electro mobiles have long been dominating the short-distance commuting field. However, problems concerning the batteries remain unsolved. Some take long time to get a full charge and some batteries are prone to be stolen. Airwheel has successfully cleared all the potential hazards. The electric bicycle is equipped with a branded Li-ion battery and can get a full charge within 200min. The battery is dismountable and weighs less than 2kg. Riders can remove the battery and charge it separately. The battery is integrated with a USB port, and thus it can function as a mobile power supply for phones and other electric devices. The battery design has made E6 more versatile.

Anyone who favors mini and portable devices should have a try of Airwheel e bike E6. The portable feature will exhibit an efficient traveling style.

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